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Below you will find a list of things I offer as well as things I do. Please take the time to review, and contact me with questions.


What I Provide to you:

When choosing a puppy keep in mind that a poorly-bred, badly-raised puppy, no matter how cheap, is NO BARGAIN!

In todays environment of puppy "farms" it's important more than ever to meet the breeder. If you don't have an address for them. The odds are it's a scam.

Not all litters are created equally. Take the time to look at the mother and father of the puppy. This is truly the only way you will know how your puppy will turn out. Don't be fooled by pet shops that try and tell you how a puppy will look. Or who the mother and father of the puppies are. Make sure you see the mother and father of the puppy you are buying.

Discuss with your breeder the type of dog you are looking for and how you expect it to fit into your lifestyle. The biggest mistake a puppy buyer can make is to buy a unsound puppy. Any experienced veterinarian can recount numerous disastrous tales of clients that purchased a puppy out of the local market or pet store, only to watch that puppy become stricken by some tragic genetic disorder, or end up in the dog pound because of a behavioral problems.Or worse die do to not having the proper shots when needed.

I pride myself on my litters and Guarantee it in writing.Yes that is right, if you have any health problems with your pet. I will be happy to replace the puppy at no charge to you.

What I Provide to you:

1. My puppies are raised in my heated and air conditioned living area. All pups are well socialized to everyday living, with daily sights and sounds. They each have a sweet temperament and this will show in the parents of each puppy.

2. All puppies will have their 6 weeks shots. Every puppy will be wormed throughout their first few weeks with me. I believe every puppy should be raised on the highest quality of food and given natural supplements to increase health and nutrition. I encourage this type of lifestyle in your home. I also encourage regular checkups with your local veterinarian. They will also be groomed regularly to ensure they are confident with the procedures for their future home.

3. They all come with a health warranty in acoradance with Virginia puppy breeder laws. All puppies are healthy and true to the Golden Retriever Character upon entering their new home. DNA testing has been done on adult dogs  before time of birth/sale.

4. Weened pups are cared for all day by me, and are watched over closley.

5. Each puppy will come with a puppy packet of information on their first weeks with me, training tips, and other Golden Retriever related information. Information that your Veterinarian will need for additional shots. I do not sell breeding rights in way.
Proof of Spayed /Neauterd must be mailed to me.

6. I pride myself in service to you, before and after you receive your puppy. I am here for any questions you may have at any time, by giving me a call I do not like emails, if is importaint enough to contact me, please call.. I love to hear how your new puppy is doing and from time to time will send you information as to everything that is going on here at VaGoldenRetrievers. I encourage all new owners to let me know of any changes, moves they might have had to allow me to keep in touch with you from time to time.

7. Delivery.I am sorry I do not ship puppies..

Your Golden Retriever puppy will have received its immunizations from its mother's milk from day one. This will provide a base for a very strong and healthy Golden Retriever puppy. There are a few vaccinations that the mother cannot provide. This is where your veterinarian takes over. Your Golden Retriever pup will need a few immunization shots or vaccinations to help your pup build up immunity to certain diseases. Your Golden Retriever puppy will need these vaccinations at least every 2-3 weeks early on, after you've adopted him or her from me. These vaccinations will be a series of 3-4 (at least) shots until the puppy is around 16-18 weeks. The last round of shots should be given after the puppy reaches the 16 week mark. The shots that are given early on include; Distemper, Measles, and CPI. The shots after that include; Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus.

During these early weeks you should keep your Golden Retriever puppy away from strange dogs to reduce the risk of your puppy becoming infected with diseases. If you have another dog in the home or know of another dog that you are certain has all of its shots and is free of any diseases, then you can certainly let your new Golden Retriever puppy play and become aquatinted with the other dogs. The same goes with humans. You should tell anyone who wants to hold or touch the new puppy to wash their hands before interacting. This is important because the new puppy is just building up its immunities and can catch a virus very easily. After the first few rounds of shots you can slowly let your Golden Retriever puppy interact on a more normal basis.

Your new Golden Retriever puppy will also need to be dewormed. Worms can infect your puppy and cause a series of problems that could lead to death. You will need to get a few rounds of these dewormings from your vet to prevent any problems.

** I do not sell breeding rights to any of my puppies.Proof of Spayed ,Neauterd must be mailed to me.

3A. It will be the responsibility of the buyer to have their puppy checked by a trained Veterinarian.

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