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Hello , I hope you enjoyed my website, and have taken the time to review all my pages , from text,photos and videos. You can find answers to most of your questions on my site.

Below you will find videos of the puppies I have now and a few videos of pupies at play with my adult Goldens.I want you to be happy with your selection of your life long companion. Please never hesitate to call me if you have any questions during the life of your dog. I am here to help with the choosing of your Golden puppy.

  • I do not Text or Email regarding puppies,

  • Latest new,July 4 2020 Happy Fourth Of July everyone. I have added all new videos on July 3, Also added new video of Luna and Crystal today July 4th.
    Have a great day.

    Luna and Samson Puppies born June 5,,2020

    Star and Samson Puppies borm June 3,2020

    Jade and Samson Puppies borm June 1,2020

    Faith/ River Puppies born 5/30/2020

    All puppies you see below are sold,

  • My next litters will arrive in October 2020 Please call for details.

  • Please check in from time to time to get the lates news.Thank You

  • Everyone that has left a deposit
    Please call me to set your pickup time and date.
    **** Even if you have spoken to me over the last two weeks..please call me to confirm time and date. >>>>> This is very importaint. Thank You






The price per puppy is $1500.

A deposit of $500 is due to hold your spot in choosing your puppy. 
The balance of $1000 would be due the day you choose and take home your puppy.

  • How do I contact you? -Calling me is always best - Phone: 804-824-4718 
  • Choosing your puppy - Pups are chosen on pickup date at age 7-8 weeks, in order of date/time deposit was made. I try and break the sale of puppies up.. I take a few deposits before pups are born, and few more after litters arrive. I may hold back a number of puppies, and a list is kept of possible buyers for the remainder of the litter. All of these spots fill up very quick.
  • Visiting my Goldens. - The only true way to see the health of a Golden is by seeing it. Do not take a "papers" word for the health of a dog. When you visit my home, I am always proud to show you all my Goldens and you see first hand the health of each dog. Living conditions for my Goldens is one of my top proprieties, from making sure the areas are clean, well fed to play areas even in cold winter conditions.

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