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Yes I do have puppies, Ready for their new home on Febuary 17, 2018. Please CALL 804-824-4718 for details, or take a look at this page below.

Did you Read this page,?? many questions answered here.





Frequently Asked Questions



If you would like to talk about my future litters please call. 804-824-4718


    I just wanted to thank you so much for our sweet boy! We brought Beamer home in December 2015 and he has been such a blessing to our little family. He quickly stole our hearts and he is the most loving dog Iíve ever had. Iím sure we will be coming to you again when weíre ready for another golden baby!! We canít thank you enough!


      We got Hook in November of 2016. He has been the most amazing dog and are so blessed to have him in our life. He is going to turn 10 months old and looks so much like his Mom and Dad. Thank you Grayland for such an amazing dog! We named him Hook because we are a Disney family and he is the Captain of our new home. We will definitely recommend you to future Golden owners. Cheers and get that Harley down to Key West!????


  Hello, it's been 3 weeks since our Penny came home. I just wanted to thank you for this precious pup. We love her very much and she's become an integral part of the family. She's doing great with house training and is even using door bells to let us know when she needs to go out. She can sit, lay down, and shake. Penny has an awesome personality and loves everyone (even our cat!). She just had her 10 week check up and our veterinarian said "she's perfect in every way. She's exactly what a golden should be.". So thank you so very much.


Hi Grayland,
  We hope this email finds you and your dogs well. We purchased our golden back in April and we named him Theodore. We are so happy with him! Theo has the sweetest disposition and learns quickly.He does well on the leash, sits, stays (sometimes!), and can 'shake hands.' He also rings a bell by the back door when he needs or wants to go outside. Our girls absolutely love him, especially our oldest. He also loves going to the dog park and the beach.
Attached are a couple recent pictures in case you'd like to see.
Thanks again,
Adam and Margaret H.


Hey Grayland!!!!
It's Jonathan and Lizel We bought a female and a male from you on December 19, 2014. As you could see I have pictures of Silas, the very beautiful dark red, and Priscilla, the cream color. Their mom and dad were Shadow and Brooke. We LOVE them!!! They know how to sit, stay, speak, roll over, come and heel. They get a lot of exercise and are well behaved inside the house. They make us happy and are sooo loyal.


Below is a really nice letter that arrived today.

Dear Grayland,
Just an update! It's been almost 3 weeks since I have gotten "The King of Hearts" Dakota, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do. He's quickly become part of the family and I couldn't have asked for a better best friend. You have socialized him very well, and he loves people. He is simply the sweetest dog in the world. He is also very smart, he learned sit and down in only a week (treats help of course). He starts training classes in a week, and i'm sure he will be the star of the class. I'm truly glad that I decided to choose one of your puppies. It is obvious that you give them your love and everything they need to start their life out right. Thank you again!
Maeleigh F. P.S. Attached are some pictures of Dakota and some of his favorite toys!







Hello , I hope you enjoyed my website, and have taken the time to review all my pages , from text,photos and videos. You can find answers to most of your questions on my site. But below are a few quick answered in advance. Also *** Click Here *** for F.A.Q. Page.

To answer a few questions on price.
The Total Cost    ==== $1,500.

How Do I buy a Puppy?
Calling me is always best to get full details.

Choosing your puppy
Pups are chosen on pickup date at age 7 weeks, in order of date/time deposit was made. I try and break the litters into 3rd's . I take a few deposits before pups are born, and few more after litters arrive. The the last 3rd. I hold till the pups are at least 6 weeks old. When I then take reservations for the remainder of the litter.

Visiting my Goldens home.
The only true way to see the health of a Golden is by seeing it. Do not take a "papers" word for the health of a dog. When you visit my home, I am always proud to show you all my Goldens and you see first hand the health of each dog. Living conditions for my Goldens is one of my top proprieties, from making sure the areas are clean, well fed to play areas even in cold winter conditions.

How do I contact you?
Call me is always best - Phone: 804-824-4718 If you wish to contact me please EMAIL ( calling is always best) email:

If you do not wish to call or email, all you need do is check my website on this page to see if I have puppies that are avalible.


Thank you,
Grayland Nelson



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My puppies are only raised with their best interests in mind. They of course are raised in my home with love and care. They are very well socialized and familiar with the sounds of everyday life. Transition to their new homes is

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My puppies are only raised with their best interests in mind. They of course are raised in my home with love and care. They are very well socialized and familiar with the sounds of everyday life.

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My puppies are only raised with their best interests in mind. They of course are raised in my home

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