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Good morning Grayland,
I adopted one of the puppies back in October 2014. Micah is such a joy and I couldn't imagine life without him now. He's so smart and loves all people and animals. We are finishing up the last few weeks of Advanced Puppy Class and my hope is for him to take the Canine Good Citizenship test once he turns a year in October.
I work as a therapist at a domestic and sexual violence agency, so I want him to be able to come to work with me. He is such a sweet boy and full of energy! He weighs 80 pounds now, so having 80 pounds of boundless energy running at you can be a bit intimidating if you don't know him, haha! Thank you for allowing me to adopt this guy. He has stolen my heart and the hearts of anyone who meets him!

Kathleen C.

Hello Grayland,
I have to say that Dee Dee has prepared us quite well for the future parenthood!
I'm sending along pictures of Dee Dee, Brandy and Shadows's puppy, from about 8 weeks to current at 14 weeks), so you can see how beautiful she is - such a sweet puppy, just like her mom! When she was younger she loved to climb up to our laps and fall asleep. Now she sleeps in her crate through the night, is almost house broken, and a top student in her intermediate obedient class!
Thank you for giving us a chance to raise this wonderful puppy. We hope to visit you again soon. Please send our love to your goldens, especially our favorite girl, Brandy.

Ashley & Ming

We are enjoying the 'love of our golden' immensely! He brings us more joy with each passing day! Alex and Harley are bonding quickly! We spend all of our days playing with him, and now walking him on a leash-as you know he has lots of energy! He also loves to run and chase Alex on his scooter. He is a very quick learner, too. He was house broken in no time, and sleeps through the night in his crate. We will be signing him up for his puppy training class once he gets his rabies vaccine, in another 2 weeks.
However, he understands most commands already. We are taking him to a 'puppy party' on Saturday where he can play with other pups. And my sister has an 8 year old Golden who Harley chases around relentlessly! Currently, he is getting lots of play with our friends-big and small! Everyone, of course, wants to meet him! We can't imagine our family being without him!

Thanks again,
Kelly, Chris & Alex

Good morning Grayland,
Greg and I want to thank you again for our Baby Shadow. We have hit the "good puppy lottery" with her! She has stolen our hearts and we have stolen hers!
From the day we brought her home she has been a joy. NEVER whined at all even at night bedtime. Has slept in her crate from day one with no fuss. She has been sleeping through the night for four nights now. She has been going outside to do her business and goes to the door to let us know she has to go out.
Her first vet appointment was great and Dr. Phillips told us she is healthy and a beautiful Golden. She loves to play with all her toys (and she has a lot) and always lays by our feet when she starts to get tired. She became Queen of the family very quickly! We love her so very much. Here's today's picture of her. She is growing like a weed!

Take care and again thank you! Jane and Greg Ratti

Hi Grayland, Hope all is well at the Golden Farm. Just wanted to drop you a line about our dog, "Sully" and let you know how he is doing. Sully is such a good pup and has adjusted very well to PA. (a Yankee now ! ) He's a very smart dog and has learned many things. We just love him! I've attached a couple of pictures of him. We take him walks at the park which is almost in our back yard. There are many trails he can run and there is also a dog park that he enjoys.
Thanks so much for our dog "Sully"!
Bev and Chris S.

I purchased a golden from you back in May 2012 and thought you would like to know how Millie "Milliecent Shamrock of Dawn Kennedy" is doing.
Millie has been such a joy to have! I trained her myself which was a slow process but in July 2014 she became a certified "Therapy Dog". I am so proud of her. We are currently going weekly to an out patient cancer center. She is really starting to enjoy all of the patients. I have suffered a lot of losses these past few years and Millie has always been by my side to lift my spirits. What more could you ask for. She is truly my best friend! Oh did I mention how spoiled she is... But she does allow me to sleep in her king size bed.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful puppies!
Ashby K.

____________Hi Grayland, wanted to let you know Piper is doing well. She weighs 16 lbs, is sleeping through the night ( 8hours) yay! She's using her bell to let us know when she needs out. My cat and her are getting along great now. She loves bringing us sticks from outside :) My kids went back to college yesterday and are going to miss her terribly. She's has adjusted well here and is definitely feeling like this is her home. She found her voice and is barking at noises and people. Loving all the reactions she gets from everyone. She is very loved.
Thanks Joe and Linda

____________Hello Grayland,Just to refresh your memory. We got Buddy from your 11 Jul. litter to Shadow and Boomer. He is the love of our life. Awesome breed. (First time Golden owner.) When he was about 12 weeks old, Ms Williams, my neighbor brought her son over with his golden. I met a couple traveling to the outer banks from Maryland. They had an aging golden and were looking into getting a new pup perhaps this summer. I gave them your web address. Haven't enrolled him in any classes because of nightshift schedule, but he does the following:
-He sees my index finger or hears the command sit and he sits. -He sees my palm or hears the command down and he lays down -If I then roll my hand palm up or say, dead dog, he responds. I have the most fun with that one. I say, Buddy, what do you want to be? A democrat, or a "DEAD DOG". Then I say, SEE, he IS smart. Still a lot more training to do, but he is quick to pick thing up. He knows the difference in his toys and brings the one you ask for.
Sincerely, Kendall & LAraine S

   ____________Hello Grayland! Just wanted to give you an update on "Baxter." He has settled in nicely and is growing every day. He has had his first vet visit and the vet just could not say enough good things about him. Kevin, my husband, has been working very hard training him. Baxter rings bells at the back door to go outside to potty, willingly goes into his crate for bedtime and is learning the "nos" of life in our house hold. He is a very smart dog. Austin, our older dog, has accepted him and they have become snuggle buddies during the day. We will keep you updated on his progress. Enjoy the attached pictures.
Amanda R.

     ____________Grayland, Sawyer has been with us for two weeks now and we're in love with him. He's smart, playful ( when he's not sleeping), and loves spending time with us. He's doing great with going to the bathroom outside and can already sit and lay down when we tell him to. He's already gained 2.5 pounds in the past 2 weeks (he's 10.0 pounds now) and his coat is getting more red every day. He loves being outside and would probably spend all day out there if we let him. He loves chewing on everything, too. Anyways, just wanted to let you know he's doing good and we're really happy with him. -Kevin

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Anita and Fred
Hi Grayland,
We have now had our puppy, Scout, since early March. He is an amazing dog and completes our golden family of three. He learns rapidly and is very smart. We do have him in puppy classes and of course he's the cutest of them all and best behaved ! We do socialize him with other dogs and people. Most days we walk to the beach where he enjoys running and digging in the sand. He seldom is ever left alone, most of the time one of us is home and I think that is helping a tremendous amount in his training.
We are so very glad that we found you and your wonderful dogs. It was worth the wait to get the puppy that we got.
Thanks again,
Anita and Fred
Outer Banks of N.C.

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  • It's A Big World

    The world is a vast and wondrous to a young puppy. Everything is new, and each day brings fresh sights, sounds and smells. A pup's first six months are a prime time for her to earn about the world, and during those early montrhs, durable impressions and beliefs grow.

    One of the most important things you can do to ensure your Golden pup grows into a calm and well-behaved dog is help him or her form pleasant, positive associations with new situations while they are still young. This vital task is know as socialization, which is about building self-confidence and social skills.

    Unexplored territory can seem scary, so don't overwhelm your Golden puppy.

Brandys pups
Brandys pups   Brandys pups
Brandys pups
One of Brandys pups loving its new home.


Hi Grayland, You would not believe how beautiful and wonderful buster has become and how grateful we are for him. He is 8 months now and has completed two obedience training sessions beginning and advanced. My wife and I thank you for what you do and allowing us to have Buster.
Tim and Donna D.

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My puppies are only raised with their best interests in mind. They of course are raised in my home with love and care. They are very well socialized and familiar with the sounds of everyday life. Transition to their new homes is

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My puppies are only raised with their best interests in mind. They of course are raised in my home with love and care. They are very well socialized and familiar with the sounds of everyday life.

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My puppies are only raised with their best interests in mind. They of course are raised in my home

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